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          About Tengine


          Tengine innovation(Beijing) Instrument Inc. was founded in 2002, focus onsensors, instrumentation, water system monitoring platform research anddevelopment, production and sales of national high and new technologyenterprise.

          Tengine adhere to the development strategy thewater system monitoring professional market segment, focus on the field ofwater system monitoring research such as water quality analysis,concentration measurement,flowrate measurement, liquid level measurement in the long-term. has been formed seriesproduct lines of water industry process monitoring, water resources and waterenvironment monitoring, industrial fluid process monitoring.

          For 10 years focus, to created professionalproducts; for 10 years attention, to make superior service; for 10 years credit,to create brand loyalty. And for more than 10 years of accumulation, Tenginehas grown into the independent innovation leading brand of water systemmonitoring instrument.

          In the future, Tengine will take "the world'sleading water system monitoring solution provider" as the enterprisevision, "creating safety and healthy water environment" as theenterprise mission, adhere to independent innovation, to create customer value,and strive to achieve the dream of "to be the leading enterprise, make Chinamore and more beautiful and employee feel happy.